Sunday, June 7, 2015

Basement and Lumber Pack!

We have a basement!! It was nice to see some action when we stopped by our
lot on Friday - a full basement AND 3 HUGE lumber packs (and windows, shingles, etc.)
Our PM, Ryan, said that they started the underground plumbing on Friday and will continue 
that on Monday and the framers will start on Wednesday. He also said we are still on 
schedule for a pre-drywall meeting the week of the 22nd. It finally feels like we are
moving fast - about 60 days until close give or take a week!! They also dug the 
hole for the neighbors so we were able to see how close they are to us, it is not
as bad as we thought it might be. It seems like in Pittsburgh they jam as many
houses as possible in the neighborhood. Here are a few pics of the basement and the
Large loads of lumber and brand new windows! Hopefully next week's update shows
a fully framed house!!

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